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RippleGo is a new software application that uses predictive analytics to provide accurate and timely alerts on river level conditions, navigation hazards, lock status changes and bridge air gap clearance.

Each time something changes, RippleGo automatically alerts you and recalculates your ETA to destination, so you can get the most out of every voyage.

Why Did We Create RippleGo?
The Problem

As an operator on the inland waterways, you know the struggles. Planning a voyage is not easy and everything changes once you’re underway. Useful information on river level conditions, navigation hazards or lock status changes is difficult to find. And it’s never all in one place.

Our Solution
Predictive Analytics to Guide You Along the Way

RippleGo is a patented, AI based voyage planning tool and alert system that uses predictive analytics to monitor and analyze dozens of data sources (including AIS data from Spire) to forecast changes and provide accurate, real-time notifications on current conditions and forecasted changes along your voyage (including changes in river level conditions, navigation hazards, lock status changes and bridge air gap clearances).

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Learn More About RippleGo
RippleGo Demo
    Predictive Insights
  • Forecasts river level conditions seven days out
  • Provides updated ETAs along your voyage (using AIS data from Spire)
River Level
    Voyage Planning and Reporting
  • Generates a voyage plan report automatically
  • Generates a deck log automatically (with the ability to make manual entries)
    Alert System
  • Alerts you to changes in bridge clearances, lock statuses, river level conditions and marine safety information - all displayed by mile markers on your route
  • Alerts are monitored and updated continuously
Become a Beta Tester

Trabus is currently looking for barge companies who would be interested in becoming beta testers for this technology. Interested parties inquire below.

Participating companies will receive a free license for a limited trial period for each vessel testing it. Beta testers will be asked to provide feedback on the software to help make it more useful for your voyage needs.

Become a Beta Tester

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